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Tehnical support
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What we do

We have established a new company ETI Prostik, with the main task to provide engineering services. We are now offering a comprehensive solutions for the protection of electrical installations according to your wishes.


  • engineering, consulting, design, construction bids, revision of the documents and other administrative and technical work for the client;
  • engineering, consulting in the execution of a transaction between the client and its suppliers (cabinet installers, installers protections ...) on behalf of the client
  • engineering, organization and consulting in all the stages of a process between the client and its suppliers (cabinet installers ...) on behalf of the client.


  • PV junction boxes, cabinets to protect the storage systems,
  • junction boxes,
  • metering points, connection points,
  • assembled sets,
  • composite solutions for mechanical engineering,
  • reactive power compensation,
  • complex systems and solutions.

We offer solutions for photovoltaic systems protection and battery storage system protection.


We provide drawings, layout and ready made distribution panels, distribution cabinets on customer’s demand, solutions for reactive power compensation in industrial environments where the nature of the system load is very variable. We also offer overcurrent and overvoltage motor protection.










Winterline intelligent heating system simplifies and improves the maintenance of buildings in winter by helping avoid the formation of dangerous ice candles on gutters and roofs, get rid of ice-clogged gutter drain pipes, as well as snowy and frozen yards, driveways, and walking surfaces. The solution is also used to prevent the pipes from freezing.


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Commercial and Technical info:

Denis Bolte
ETI Prostik d.o.o.
Tel: 00386 3 56 57 463
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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